And What Color is the Sun on Your Planet?

Via Victor Davis Hanson, we have news that Dear Leader’s team is taking credit for (warning:  swallow all liquids and solid foods before reading onward) the increased tranquility prevailing in the world.


You can’t make this up.  Red China is sending combat patrols to sea to claim lands and surrounding seas to which it has no right.  Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq have degenerated into levels of chaos not seen since their original conquests . . . 1,300 years or so ago.  Russia has invaded a sovereign country and simply annexed a large chunk of its territory, is now sending its military covertly onto that country’s remaining territory to masquerade as native separatists, and has just recently shot from the sky a civilian airliner not posing a threat to anyone.  Iran is about to miss the most recent deadline in our serial wet-noodle slaps on its wrist, as it grimly progresses towards possession of an atomic weapon.  Pakistan has been all but taken over by Al Qaeda; the French are fire-bombing synagogues; and someone (who is paying the freight on that? who has an incentive to pay the freight?) is trucking thousands of unaccompanied, illegal immigrant children to invade our southern borders.  Turkey, which after near civil war 100 years ago seemed to have turned away from its Islamist roots, is now deliberately embracing a sectarian re-make of its society.  Hamas is launching rockets into Israel from its launchers which it has hidden in hospitals and schools.  Scotland is set to vote in September on whether to un-do 300 years of union with England.

I suppose things do look pretty tranquil from Martha’s Vineyard, of course.  The only problem is so few of us get to hang out there.


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