Announcing the First Change in Forever

The reader of this blog will have noted that I haven’t spent a great deal of time or energy figuring out how to snazz up the place, or what additional features and fillips to add here and there.  It’s all and frequently more than I can get around to just to toss a post up now and then.

But after my post of this past Thursday I got to studying, as we say around here, if maybe an additional post category would not be what the Germans describe as “angebracht,” or “in Ordnung.”

The left-extremist media and blogosphere emits among its more predictable output regular installments of excoriation of everyone who lives south of the Ohio River for not crawling about on hands and knees, scattering glass shards ahead of ourselves and sprinkling ashes over our sackcloth, and all for the horrible crime of being from the South and not thinking exactly as they do.  Commenting and fisking such items is something of a regular thing around here.  Not frequent, but something of a theme.

Thus:  I now proudly introduce a new post category:  Them Awful Southerners.

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