At Least Journalism Isn’t Completely Dead . . . Yet

Prostitution may be the world’s oldest profession, but its practitioners can certainly no longer claim to be the most supine when at work.  That title has to go to the U.S media, from roughly late 2007 until . . . well, until right about now.

They resolutely buried any and all information that came their way which might have reflected poorly on their Golden Boy, their Great One, the vessel of all their dreams.  And so we bought a pig in a poke.

But a few journalists are finally, less than one week from an election, at the point where they’re willing to look things straight on and call them by their correct names.  The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s headline sums it up:  Benghazi blunder: Obama unworthy commander-in-chief.  As the Blogfather a.k.a. Instapundit, would say, read the whole thing.

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