From the Cultural Equivalence Brigade

We have this report, from today’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, about the Religion of Peace and its take-over of what was once Iraq.

Genital mutilation, mandatory, has been decreed for all females ages 11 to 46.

Want your War on Wymyn?  Here it is.

Just remember, it’s Western Civilization that is the most serious threat to humanity today.  Because racism! or something like that.

[Update (24 Jul 14, 1448 local)]:  Or perhaps not.  Several sources are expressing doubt on whether the document is genuine.  More, presumably, to come later.

[Update (25 Jul 14)]:  Now the UN is reporting that it “cannot confirm” the earlier reports.  Its coordinator for humanitarian relief in Iraq was “unfortunately” relying on local reports in announcing ISIS’s actions.  Well, if it’s not true, then good.  On the other hand, I’d like something a little more emphatic than that they “cannot confirm” the reports of the fatwa.  And further, what does it say for ISIS, a bunch so Out There that even al Qaeda renounces them, that the original reports were entirely believable in the first place?  Remember, this bunch has offered Iraq’s few Christians the choices (a) convert, (b) sign the dhimmi contract and pay money, or (c) be killed.

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