He’s Too Polite to Say It Aloud

. . . so I will say it for him:  This post could just as easily have been titled “Wish in One Hand and Shit in the Other”.  Then see which fills up first.

You can wish that 2+2=4 were not a true statement.  You can demand that it not be a true statement.  You can mount the barricades to threaten death and ruin to everyone who maintains that it is a true statement.  You can even obtain widespread consensus among the Deep Thinkers that it is a racist, sexist, oppressive, imperialist dogma that 2+2=4, and should be condemned by all Right Thinking People.  You can forbid the schools to expose impressionable youth to the slander that 2+2=4.  You can even believe in your heart of hearts that it is not a true statement.

But you’re still a damnfool if you cross a bridge built on the theory that 2+2=4 is incorrect.

The notion, which apparently just over 50% of the American electorate now supports, that you can have more of everything at less cost to everyone and no cost to most, has a great deal in common with Trofim Lysenko’s theories of genetics.  Even the Soviets quietly dropped him.  Even the Red Chinese turned away from the Great Leap Forward (not before it had harvested some 45 million dead Chinese, though).  Will we have sense enough to embrace mathematics before it’s too late?

Or will Carter’s bagger and cashier dutifully troop down to the polling place every two years and pull the lever for those who promise them that we can make 2+2 come out to some number other than 4?

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