“I Didn’t Knock Over That Liquor Store; I Was Busy Raping Someone Else”

This just in, from the Dept. of You-Can’t-Make-This-Up:

Der Spiegel (English-language edition) carries a round-up of German editorial commentary on Turkey’s retaliation against Syria, and the Turkish parliament’s approval of military deployment onto Syrian territory.  What’s hilarious is this:  The evidence adduced in support of Syria’s claim (made at least to its buddy Russia) that the shelling against which Turkey has retaliated was a “tragic mistake,” runs something like this:  Of course it was all a tragic mistake; Assad’s too busy butchering his own people to have meant to shell some podunk town in Turkey.  Well, I guess that disposes of it, then.

But wait: Here’s a line from Die Welt:   “If it came to an all-out war, the Syrian army could also use chemical or biological weapons from its well-stocked arsenal.”  Wait a damned minute.  Syria doesn’t have the capacity to manufacture its own, which means it got them from somewhere.  That somewhere, by the way, was Iraq.  The weapons were shipped out just in advance of our 2003 invasion.

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