I Guess for the Moment They’ve Won

Word on the street has it that Dear Leader is going to nominate John Kerry to be the new secretary of state.

John Kerry.  This would be the same John Kerry who, while his erstwhile comrades were still in combat, went before Congress and numerous other public venues to accuse them of all manner of atrocities, the vast majority of which were manufactured from thin air by Kerry and his new comrades.  And I do use comrades intentionally.  This would be the same John Kerry who has, according to the sundry groups on both sides which attempt to put a score on specific politicians’ actions, as they relate to issues X, Y, or Z, has consistently ranked as among the two or three most far-left members of the Senate.  This would be the same John Kerry who during his unsuccessful presidential run tried to wrap himself in the flag and claim the status of war hero.  This would be the same John Kerry who — in front of the cameras, natch — threw his military decorations away . . . except it came out some time later they weren’t actually his.  He threw someone else’s away.

Isn’t that just like a lefty?  You take what someone else has got his ass shot at to earn, and you throw them away, first making sure the camera angle is right.  You take the economic wealth and resources that others create and you strip them away to reward your voting blocs.  You take what hundreds of thousands of Americans have bled and died to build, and you hand it over to our sworn enemies, because those who neither bled nor died to build it will shout hosannas and strew your path with lucrative “consultancies” and NGO offices palm fronds if you do.

So now we’ve got a twice-elected president, born to and raised by avowed communists, steeped in marxist, racialist separatism, who got his political start literally in the living room of an unrepentant domestic terrorist who to this day still takes pride in having “declared war” on the U.S., appointing as secretary of state a man who did everything he could to provide hope and comfort (we just have to assume that he did nothing more concrete to assist those killing Americans in Vietnam) to an armed enemy during wartime.

It took them 50 years, but the 1960s lunatic fringe has more or less completed its Long March.  Those to whom the United States is a failed experiment, an illegitimate blight on the face of a Brave New World (ruled by the Enlightened), have now taken the place over.

Some years ago I read an article in The Economist, I think it was, about the goings-on in some South American country.  I can’t recall the specifics any more, but, quoting someone else and applying the tag to the country in question, the article allowed that, “[Brazil, I think it was] is not a serious country.”

The United States is no longer a serious country.

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