I’m So Glad It’s 2012 Instead of 2005

. . . because if it were 2005, then responsibility for all these freezing, starving, looted, un-motorized people would be laid directly at the door of the Oval Office, and it would be Dear Leader’s responsibility, personally, that each and every one of them doesn’t have a completely dried-out, re-built, and habitable house.  Right Now!  But since it’s 2012, that’s just the breaks and no one outside those neighborhoods needs to bother about them.

It’s just, you know, Bad Luck that eleven days after a storm hit they still don’t have power.  Back in 1994 then the last Big Damned Ice Storm came marching along, my parents were without power for three weeks.  They only jumped them up the priority list because my father was coming home from the hospital.  He’d hydroplaned his car into a concrete barrier at 65 m.p.h., bounced back into traffic where he was immediately struck broadside by a Chevy Suburban which crushed the driver’s door of his Town Car in to the centerline of the car, spun him around, hit him again, and knocked him rear-end-first back into the barrier.  They quit counting fractures in his chest at 17.  And he was coming home.  So my mother called the electric department up and they sent the crews to get some light and heat to their house.

Update I:  To borrow what ought be the immortal words of Margaret Thatcher, “I refer you to my earlier comments.”  I’ll just observe that the “high marks” for dealing with Sandy are being somewhat . . . errrmmm . . . indiscriminately given to Dear Leader by the same people who somewhat . . . errrrrmmmm . . . very discriminately assigned poor marks to Geo. W. in 2005 for dealign with Katrina.

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