I’m Sure the Eric Holder DOJ Will Be All Over This

Let’s see, voter turnout in city overall is 60%.  Some wards, but not all, had the poll watchers from one party forcibly ejected from the polling place.  And in those wards — in which the poll watchers were illegally ejected — the turnout magically tops 90%, and of that 90% who turn out, over 99% vote for one of two candidates.  This is a level of voter participation and unanimity that would make Stalin smile (of course, Stalin would find out who that <1% was and have them shot; well, in fact he’d probably go ahead and shoot the rest anyway, just to make sure).  To see how the operatives with bylines reporters are presenting this, or rather not, see this article, which omits any mention of the poll-watching monkeyshines.  No, this is just good GOTV work and party discipline.

This is the same city in which in 2008 a group of goons were charged with and judged guilty of voter intimidation.  And then the federal DOJ, after the conviction, tosses the charges out at the instigation of the political appointees.

Having got away with merely having their thugs outside the polling place to intimidate voters, they’ve now realized they can in fact get away with pretty much anything, and so they don’t bother even hiding it any more.  Well, they don’t really have to hide it, do they, because the press will hide it for them.

I’m going to hazard a prediction and say that this is the last anyone will hear of this.

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