“Inappropriate”? Really?

Since when is it “inappropriate” to question anything about an American president?  Especially about an American president whose political mentor, and one of the very, very few people he’s never thrown under the bus even by implication (this is in contrast to his grandmother, his preacher, and countless others), is a man who “declared war” on the United States and actually, genuinely blew places up and killed people in the course of following through on that, and who had himself photographed within the past decade grinning like a jackass, standing on an American flag, bragging on how he got away with it?  Especially about an American president who, not only while in office, but among his first acts in office, went gallivanting all over the world apologizing for his country, including in places which are explicitly hostile to the United States and teach that we are the Great Satan?

If someone can show me a single data to suggest that Dear Leader genuinely does love his country, in that he prefers it over all other national or ethnic polities, and that he is prepared to engage in some act of personal sacrifice (whether physical, financial, political, emotional . . . or anything at all) in order to accomplish something which is demonstrably for the betterment of the country as a whole, and not just some pet constituency or donor base . . . well, then I’ll accept that maybe he does love his country.

But not until someone can show me that data point, because everything else he’s done in his entire life not only suggests, but screams from the high hills, that Giuliani was exactly, precisely correct in all material respects.

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