Nigel Farage Tells It Straight

Zero Hedge has an excellent video of Nigel Farage, a British MEP, tearing off yet another strip from his fellow members.

While it’s an inherent weak point of parliamentary systems that their executives are also members of their legislatures, and thus power is not divided but rather concentrated, and their governments made less stable by reason of being subject to machinations of parliamentary nose-counting, it’s also a strong point that the executive must come down to the floor and take it on the chin.  Periodic doses of getting-it-with-the-bark-still-on make a good palliative for the kind of personality cults that the U.S. presidency has degenerated into.  It is a human failing to believe one’s own nonsense, to drink one’s own Kool-Aid.  All this “Hail to the Chief” business does nothing to tamp down that inclination.

I wonder if ol’ Nigel might be interested in moving to America.  We could stand to hear from him in Congress.  His “Who the hell do you think you are?” speech remains a classic.

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