No, Seriously, this Actually Happened

I don’t care if you have to download every malware or virus in the cyber-world to translate this article from today’s Frankfurther Allgemeine Zeitung.  Do it; it’s worth it.

My spam filter routinely catches all manner of e-mails according to the subject lines of which I am encouraged to . . . errrmmmmm . . . aahhhhh . . . enhance certain interpersonal experiences by quantum measures.  I don’t open them, for obvious reasons, but the overall tenor of the subject lines seem to intimate (pun) issues relative to . . . uuuummmmmm . . . dimension.

The poor sap in the linked article seems to have opened one of those e-mails, and actually gone to a doctor for the procedure.  Paid him €3,500 (that works out to something north of $4,800) for the procedure, the purpose of which was to increase girth.  And it worked!  Too well, alas; the patient alleged that the doctor used too much of whatever it was he was supposed to use, with resulting stricture that nearly prevented him from urination.  Files malpractice claim and has now lost.

But seriously:  $4,800 for a thicker Old Man?  And then dismay when things didn’t work out as hoped?  What color is the sun on this guy’s planet?

Somewhere, some day, someone will put together a graph to try to chart just where Western Civilization went over the edge.  This story will be a data point on that graph.

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