One-Card Poker

When all you have in your hand is a single card, that’s the card you’re going to play.  Every time.

The saddest part of this?  Because these slime buckets have so cynically cheapened the accusation of racism and racist behavior, the rest of us are now de-sensitized to any future genuine manifestation of it.

[Update (18 Jul 14)]  Since I couldn’t have said it any better, here’s this open letter to Comrade Holder.  By the way, Holder was my law skool graduation speaker as well, and the only thing I can recall about him is looking at his biographical blurb in the program and asking myself if this was the best a law skool so proud of itself as the one I attended could do for a graduation speaker.  If how much suck you have can be best gauged by who returns your calls, my dear ol’ alma mater was firmly on the hind tit.

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