Seven for Silvio; or, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Call Your Office

. . . and in fact while you’re at it, burn your paper calendar, purge your e-mail and phone contact lists, and maybe go ahead and take holy orders.

Well, perhaps not, since ol’ Sen. Menendez has the correct letter (it’s “D,” in case you hadn’t already figured it out) after his name.  He gets to do pretty much as he pleases, using his influence to get free, undisclosed multi-thousand-dollar flights to Caribbean vacation get-aways at donors’ private retreatshook up his donors with half-billon-dollar contracts, cavort with harlots (which he denies doing), and whatnot.  And now go rolling in warm Puerto Rican with another man’s wife.

Poor Silvio, on the other hand.  He’s drawn seven years for organizing underage whores for a blow-out at his villa.  Hilarious note:  The prosecution had only asked for six.

What good is it being rich as God, a media baron, and a former prime minister to boot if you can’t plumber 15-year-old hookers in the privacy of your own villa?  According to the write-up, the girl herself testified he didn’t put it in.  They (the troika of three judges . . . all females, by the way (I’m tellin’ youse da fix wuz in!!)) not only got him for the statutory rape charge (or whatever it’s called in Italy), but also for abuse of his official position when he got her out of jail. The line he gave was — no, seriously — if they didn’t let her go it might cause diplomatic problems because she might be Hosni Mubarak’s niece.  It’s true, her passport does list “Mubarak” as one of her surnames, but (i) she’s Morroccan; (ii) he’s Egyptian; and, (iii) if I’m a dictator’s niece, I’m sure as hell not going flat-backing to make a living.  I might not give it away, to a prime minister or any other john boyfriend of the moment, but I’ll take my compensation in the form of a Bentley or a few grand worth of diamonds to set off my hair.

Some people just can’t take  joke.

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