So It’s the Copts’ Fault

. . . According to the Egyptian state’s attorneys, as quoted in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.  Well good.  I was afraid they’d tar them Jooooossssssss with it.  They may yet, of course; there just aren’t enough Copts in Egypt that killing the rest of them would satisfy Mohammed’s honor, and once they’ve killed all of them the Brotherhood may just have to reach for the ol’ tried and true.

It seems that the film, made by an American from Egypt who happens to be Coptic, was sponsored and propagated in the Arabic world by an organization of what is described as a Coptic nationalist-separatist organization.  They even have their own website, complete with proposed national flag, anthem, shadow cabinet, and more importantly, proposed division of the area.  The muslims will get to keep a portion of Egypt, but the Copts are to get the bulk of it, with Alexandria as the capital.  The Jews of Egypt will also get to wet their beaks with a slice of territory.

The article characterizes the participants in this exercise in fantasy as “extremists,” a label not, so far as I’m aware, recently applied to Hamas, the PA, the President of the United States, who is on record as calling for Israel to be partitioned and pared back to its 1967 borders, or one of the two major American political parties, which recently expunged reference to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from its official platform and whose delegates from the floor greeted an effort to return that plank with boos and catcalls.  And yet the logical and moral distinction is . . . what?  Two minority groups, neither of which is terribly happy living in a land in which the majority is of an entirely different religious tradition.  Both groups have histories going back centuries.  Both groups ended up in their positions through the conquests of third parties who are no longer there.  Both dream of a land which is purged of the “other.”  Of course, there are a few tiny little differences:  No one in Israel is organizing the burning of mosques, or the random slaughter of muslims.  An Arabic citizen of Israel can go to the polling booth on election day and freely cast his ballot for whomever he pleases, without having to worry about having his wife’s throat slit.  And no bona fide terrorist organization has its paws on the Israeli levers of power.

The Egyptian law enforcement officials have pending arrest warrants for the persons identified on the Copts’ website.  Should they ever stray into Egyptian territory they may count on arrest and the usual tender mercies which the Religion of Peace reserves for those who fail in their submission.

Someone explain to me, again, exactly what there is to be “relieved” (our dear leader’s expression) about in the Muslim Brotherhood’s attaining power in Egypt?


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