Sometimes an Author Tells it All Up-Front

Like in the very first sentence of the sub-headline.

From the FAZ this morning, we have the headline “Framework Agreement with Iran Greeted World-Wide.”  The first words of the sub-headline tell you all you need to know about the story:  “Except for Israel, the forthcoming framework agreement for Iranian nuclear development has been greeted positively everywhere in the world.”

Everyone thinks it’s such a great idea for the mullahs to get the bomb; everyone, you know, except for the people at whom the weapons will be aimed.  The people whom this monster-regime has promised to “wipe from the face of the map.”  The people who have six million of their co-religionists to mourn, victims done to death by the joyful cooperation of a continent full of the parents of those now greeting positively the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the most violent of the governments of the Religion of Peace.

Iran gets to keep its enrichment facilities.  Oh, but they promise to convert them to “research facilities,” get it?  Arak, their heavy water facility, is to be modified so it can’t make weapons-grade product (anyone want to bet how easily it will be re-converted right back, and in the meantime expanded, while all the dhimmi strut about and crow about the deal they’ve made?).  They “promise” (wink, wink) to reduce the number of their centrifuges from 19,000 to 6,100 (of course, they don’t see themselves as having made many promises about what kind or capacity of centrifuge will make up those 6,100, and of course we have no expectation that the technology will so far advance that 6,100 will be able to the work of the 19,000 older units, most of the “excess” of which are believed to be out of commission).  For the next fifteen years they’re only “allowed” (wink, wink) to enrich uranium to 3.67%.  And for the next 25 years it all is supposed to be “monitored” by the International Atomic Energy Commission.  Yeah, because that outfit has been so effective at keeping Pakistan, North Korea, and (but for the Israelis) Syria from developing nuclear capacity.  Here’s an English-language take on what Dear Leader seems to think he’s got for a deal, versus what the people aiming to “wipe the state of Israel from the face of the map” think the deal is.

What has happened is that we have announced that the state of Israel and its inhabitants have at the most another 25 years to live.

And in exchange for getting the green light to annihilate the only functioning democracy in that entire area of the world, what did the Religion of Peace get?  Oh, of course, we are lifting the oil embargo and other economic sanctions.  Starting now.  So that during those fifteen or 25 years Iran will be able to afford to expand and up-grade its nuclear weapons program peaceful use of nuclear power which they so desperately need, being cut off from any alternative source of energy, like hydrocarbons or solar in the middle of a desert.

Back in 2001-2003, when we wiped out two governments, one of which had attacked us on our own soil and was only by heroics of ordinary American citizens prevented from demolishing the very seat of our legislative branch of government, and the other of which gave sanctuary to all manner of people actively engaged in similar plans and activities, and which in fact was making efforts to accomplish what we’ve now permitted Iran, the world — and the Democrat Party and their operatives with bylines, by which is meant the lamestream media — huffed and trumpeted that this was just “a war for oil.”  Ignoring the fact that if all we wanted was Iraqi oil in unlimited quantities, all we had to do was drop sanctions on Saddam, they alleged that we spent all those billions and all that blood “for oil.”  They still maintain that, by the way, although ownership of the oilfields, refineries, and oil remains and has always remained in the national Iraqi state.  Period.

How do the movers and shakers in the countries that actively traded with Saddam’s blood-soaked regime under the radar, violating UN sanctions on that butcher (and with Iran as well, if memory serves), react now to the news that we’ve got Israel strapped to the gurney, and set an execution date for it?  Why, from the FAZ we discover:  “German Firms Hope for Billions in Iranian Contracts.”  War for oil my aching balls.  I’m proud to note that at least most of the comments to that last article as of right now (0948 local for me) seem to understand what’s going on, how deeply cynical it is, and what the actual stakes of this sell-out are.  “Germany is helping a state whose declared goal is the extermination of a neighbor,” is representative.  On the other hand, another commenter starts his gibbering with:  “At last we are freed from the shackles of the USA.”  Well of course, sacrificing a bunch of filthy Juden is a small price to pay to break free from the “shackles” of a country that protected your country ass for 45 years from those who would gladly have done to you what they did to your kinsmen across the Wall.  Because it’s all about you.  Of course.  Another commenter rejoices that now we’ve got Iran freed to go its way, as well as Cuba, and so all we need to do is free up Putin and all will be coming up roses.

Yeah, except for those whose death warrant has been typed up and is awaiting signature, everyone’s cool with what just happened.

[Update: 08 Apr 15]:  It’s hard to help observing that the people the most cool with the “deal” Dear Leader and Kerry allege that we got are just exactly those people who read their words, and stop the inquiry there.  If you listen to what the Iranians think they got, there emerges a picture that simply cannot be reconciled with the one being peddled by Dear Leader and his stooge.  As pointed out here, we have given them “an ayatollah three-fer. It gives them money. It gives them more time to develop nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. It also gives them diplomatic political cover to continue dithering[.]”

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