“There Will Be Blood”; and It Was Even So

In Michigan, on the floor of whose legislature a Democrat made the statement, in precisely so many words, that if right-to-work passes “there will be blood.”

Remember when the Tea Party, on a graphic, put stylized cross-hairs on the Congressional districts of members whom they wished to target for . . . you know, an election challenge?  [O! the horror!!]  Remember when that was the cause of some lunatic who’d been obsessed with Gabriele Giffords for months and months getting himself a gun and killing six or so people, and leaving Rep. Giffords near death?  Remember it was the Tea Party which was at fault for all that?  Remember?

Well, here’s some actual footage of the Democrats’ principal support, the union thugs, actually attacking a tent full of people, actually tearing it down, and actual photos of the marks left on the face of one of the people within by one of the union thugs.  The people doing this were not a bunch of random lunatics who’d been sitting quietly in their dark bedrooms fantasizing over Americans for Prosperity.  They did this on the grounds of a state capitol building, while their allies on the floor of the house were actually making statements that “there will be blood” if Michigan passes right-to-work legislation.  Right outside.

I’m sure we need wait only a few hours for the hand-wringing from the mainstream media to begin.  In three . . . two . . . one . . . ?

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