Timing is Purely Coincidental

Over at DaTechGuy’s Blog, there’s a litany of things that unexpectedly! begin dropping from the skies within hours of Dear Leader’s re-election.  Small arms treaty?  Check.  Carbon tax?  Check.  Layoffs galore and transfer of jobs overseas?  Check.  Further down-grades to U.S. sovereign debt?  Yep. 

I’m sure that the reporting of these events, the staking of these positions, has zero — nothing at all — to do with having the presidential election safely in the bag.  Especially things like massively unpopular UN treaties the intent and effect of which will be to curtail civilian ownership of firearms in the U.S. and reduced supply of same to Israel.  It was his attitude towards gun control that cost Algore the 2000 election most likely.  Dear Leader is a more savvy politician than that.  So back in July he stonewalls the UN, asking for “more time.”  And by the merest happenstance that “more time” works out to coincide exactly with the date of the presidential election.

Will wonders never cease?

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