Well, Yes Little Boy, in Fact You’re Right: He IS Naked

The Germans, who as one of the world’s top exporters have an incredible amount to lose if and when the shenanigans in Washington crash the American economy for the second time in just over four years, are getting more than a little tired of sermons from the Mount of Blather.

The “Hochmut” (which you can easily translate as “condescension,” or “arrogance,” or even “chutzpah” to some extent) with which Tim Geithner instructs the Europeans is now called out.  What they call “the American Kaiser” is officially pegged as naked.

What’s interesting is that, while the author notes that the Republicans are blamed for the impending fiscal disaster, they’re not the only ones to blame.  He specifically calls out Dear Leader for indulging his populistic urgings.  The Republicans are concededly correct that tax hikes for the rich will burden both the economy in general and numerous businesses in particular.  The authors notes that the confidence of business has collapsed and consumer confidence is following in its footsteps; he mentions that this year’s Christmas shopping season was the worst since 2008.

Looks as though our wonderful governing classes are scaring the bejesus out of pretty much everyone, not just Main Street.

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