What’s Next? The AMA Endorsing “Reasonable” Euthansia?

The ABA has decided to weigh in on the effort to subvert one of the specifically enumerated rights set forth in the Bill of Rights.  Yep; an organization that is supposedly all about preserving the integrity of the Constitution, and which regularly goes to bat for all manner of purely invented rights which appear nowhere in the document, either expressly or by necessary implication — such as the “right” to kill one’s unborn child for no reason other than one’s whim of the moment — and which solemnly pontificates about the “right” of enemy combatants captured in the field to be run through the same criminal justice system, and with the same procedural “rights,” as the guy who pulls a smash-n-grab down at the local jewelry store on Main Street, has now decided that those nasty ol’ dead white guys blew it when they actually went and wrote down, in black ink on white paper, that the right of “the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  The ABA is supposedly above mere politics.  The American Bar Association, like the ACLU, is not supposed to take sides against the Constitution.  For it to back a frontal assault on an enumerated right is no less outrageous, in its own context, that would be the American Medical Association’s endorsing a “reasonable” bill that provided for euthanasia of what a regime more honest than ours once described as “useless feeders.”

The bill endorsed — Sen. Feinstein’s laughably superficial effort to imposed a ban of a kind that has never stopped and will never stop a lunatic bent on mass killing — has absolutely zero to do with what is allegedly the ABA’s core mission:  the improvement of the American bench and bar.  The comments to the article are nearly uniformly hostile to the action, and I am pleased to note that a large number announce intentions to resign their ABA memberships.  I am a member of several sections of the ABA: the taxation, real property, probate and trust, and small business sections.  I do in fact get useful publications from those section memberships and of course were I no longer a member of the ABA I would not have that access.  On the other hand I would not be utterly deprived of the information; I’d just have to seek harder to find and digest it on my own or from alternative sources.

With this latest thrust, the ABA un-masks itself and reveals why it is one of the most pernicious organizations in the United States today.

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