When the Only Tool You Have is a Hammer

I guess everything does look like a nail to you.  Here we have Slate attributing a predicted (although by no means certain) Democrat presidential blow-out in Missouri to — wait! don’t get ahead of me here, folks — racism and religious bigotry. 

The Won running poorly in a heartland state just can’t, it just can’t have anything at all to do with four years of not doing what he said he was going to do, doing what he said he was not going to do, of hurling descriptions of them and their occupations that could easily be epithets lifted from some 1920s-era penny-ante socialist newsrag in Eastern Europe, of calling them bigots every time someone has the gall even to ask whether all this crap is really a good idea.  Having the NLRB try to shut down Boeing for daring to open a non-union shop won’t have impressed anything on anyone in the defense industries in Missouri.  His “you didn’t build that” snark will have had zip, zero, nada to do with his flagging popularity among a population that is proud of its “Show Me” attitude.  What, precisely, has OPromptr shown Missouri over the last four years?  He’s shown them a not-even-thinly-veiled contempt for them, their values, their country, and their livelihoods.  He’s superintended an economy that’s staggered under 8%+ unemployment continuously (that’s not unimportant) for more months than the previous eleven presidents experienced collectively, at any time during their tenures.  He’s told those unemployed people that “the private sector is doing fine.”  I have news for the navel-gazers at Slate:  Missouri is chock-full of people who remember the “clinging bitterly to their guns and religion” crack.  They hunt and they go to church, even the ones who live in the cities.  But not a bit of that has anything to do with his chances in 2012.

Let’s see: a guy who doesn’t match over 80% of the electorate still wins the state, notwithstanding some nut-job of a third-party candidate who siphons off four times OPromptr’s margin of victory.  Kewl.  But without that nut-job running the Democrats expect to lose that same state four years later, when the same people who statistically had to vote for the guy who didn’t look like them in order for him to win constitute a lower percentage of the electorate.  So obviously the only explanation can only be . . . racism!!!!

This clown has nothing left but the race card, the bigotry card. 
So he plays it over and over, until its edges are frayed and it’s worn so thin that even the blind can see through the paper.  Run on yer damned record, OPromptr, if you can.  But don’t have your cheerleaders call me a racist because I have the temerity to think you’ve done a lousy job and haven’t proffered anything other than a proposal to do more and more extreme of the same thing.

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