You Have to Admire Ambition

So Brer Morsi (or Mursi, however they spell it) has just granted himself pretty much absolute power, non-reviewable by any court or other tribunal.  He’s decided that he’s the “guardian of the revolution.”  Bear in mind that, as of right now, there’s not even a constitution in Egypt.  The assembly that is supposed to be working one out is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, to the extent that the minority parties have walked out.  So Morsi’s operating on a blank slate.  He’s already marginalized the military council that had been sort of running the show.  This new decree sidelines the court system as well.

At least Adolf had the common courtesy to have his lap-dog Reichstag pass the Gesetz zur Behebung der Not von Volk und Reich, better known to history as the Ermächtigungsgesetz, or the Enabling Law of 1933.  In fact, not only did he have them pass it, on two successive occasions he got them to extend it when it came up to its sunset clause.

Among Morsi’s first orders under his newly-usurped powers is the re-trial of his predecessor.  He doesn’t think a life sentence for Hosni Mubarak is adequate.

And this, gentle reader, is the crew whose ascendency in Egypt our own Dear Leader greeted with “relief.”

At least some sense of decency endures in Egypt, though.  The Brotherhood’s offices (actually, it was the offices of the Brotherhood’s political arm) got torched in reaction to Morsi’s power grab.  Good for them.  Keep it up.  Next time, though, see if you can’t trap some of them inside before you light it up.

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